Our Services


We take a holistic person-centred approach to planning and delivering care in a way that meets your physical, emotional, spiritual needs and preferences.

Assessment - At Home

Our first point of action following receipt of referral information is to arrange a care needs assessment with you and your family at home. This allows us have a detailed conversation about your care requirements and how you want care delivered to suit your lifestyle. It also gives us an opportunity to match you with a suitable carer and determine what requirements need to be put in place to deliver care safely in your home. Although our assessments also involve your nearest and dearest, we expect final consent on all decisions to be given by you and we will only proceed with putting care package in place for you when we have explicit consent from you in writing.

Assessment - Away From Home

If you are awaiting discharge from hospital or in a respite facility, we will arrange a visit with you in hospital or in the residential facility where you are being cared for as soon as we receive your referral information. This allows us we liaise with all health and care professionals who have looked after you to determine how best we collectively support your transition back home.

We always follow up hospital visits with a family visit at home before your discharge, to allow us assess the suitability of your home provision to care provision; and more importantly ensure all necessary special equipment and support aids have been put in place for you before your return home. This allows us guarantee a smooth and sustainable return back to the place where you want to be. We discuss your medication with your GP, district nurse, community matron and community pharmacist to ensure you return home with the right medication with sufficient stock and make arrangements for ongoing delivery as required.