Care Quality Commission

Our Care Quality Commission Review

What does Generixcare's current CQC rating of "Requires Improvement" mean, and what steps have been taken since this rating?

The current CQC rating of "Requires Improvement" reflects certain areas where we needed to enhance our services. We take this rating seriously and have since implemented significant improvements. These include:

1. Enhanced Training and Development: We've upgraded our training programs to ensure our caregivers are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to provide the highest standard of care.

2. Quality Assurance Measures: We've strengthened our internal monitoring and quality assurance processes to consistently meet and exceed care standards

3. Client Feedback Systems: To better understand and respond to our clients' needs, we've established more robust feedback mechanisms, allowing us to make real-time adjustments to our care delivery.

4. Staffing and Management Revisions: We've made strategic changes in our staffing and management to ensure more effective oversight and support for our care teams.

5. Policy and Procedure Overhaul: All our policies and procedures have been thoroughly reviewed and updated to align with best practices in care.

6. Investment in Resources: We've invested in additional resources, including technology and equipment, to enhance the quality of care we provide.

We are committed to continuous improvement and are confident that these measures have significantly enhanced the quality and safety of our care services. We eagerly await our next CQC assessment, as we believe it will reflect the substantial progress we've made.

Why Choose GenerixCare?

In your home. Friendly, Personal, Dedicated to meeting your care needs

World Best Caring Excellence

World Best Caring Excellence

We provide friendly, dedicated carers committed to delivering the highest quality care. Our carers are fully referenced, DBS-checked giving you peace of mind and matched to meet your specific needs

Attentive Care Management

Attentive Care Management

Our responsive management team ready to address your care needs, requests and concerns with the care, discretion and professionalism.

Exceeding Quality Commitment

Exceeding Quality Commitment

Our organisation-wide commitment to meeting statutory obligations, exceeding customer expectations and continuously improving the quality of the services we deliver.